The Dreaming Festival Opening 2005

I filmed this in 2005. never really showed anyone as i did it basically by myself and never got the permissions but everyone was happy for me to shoot them at the time. I am going to risk showing it as a friend Alden (a real fairdinkum aboriginal) came over and I accidently found it on my hard-rive. i really loved it when we shot it back then and do again now, after not seeing to for years.

Anyway, I think it speaks for itself. I don't have the time nor budget to contact everyone in it... and I must say there are quite a few people i have no idea who they are so it will be hard. Thats just what happens when you have a very limited personnel and budget. There are seriously so many amazing names here, it is embarrassing. I am sure they will know who they are. I do know quite a few but won't tag use for now.

For this opening ceremony, I convinced an amazing highly respected cameraman/DOP, Henry, I think he was called, to be second camera. He was real good. Me too!! :)

So this one goes out to all my original aboriginal friends and performers and white ass honky mates too. This is 50,000 years of good stuff right here! Enjoy.

Hope you don't mnid... Cliffy, Bill, Noel, Amanda, Rhoda, Edna, George, Damian and everyone else in this video!!

It was ju