Lake Gkula, Woodfordia

This was shot during the inaugural first week of The Woodford Folk Festival's summer Bushtime camps. Lake Gkula is a man made lake, constructed for the Woodford Folk Festival patrons and was officially opened on Saturday 7th Dec 2019. Its chemical free and uses all-natural water filtration systems that deliver a safe habitat for wildlife and people alike.

The lake is abundant with fish and plant life with more than 16 species of native fish and crustaceans and over 8,000 plants, including native water lilies. The up-flow wetland filtration system creates habitat for beneficial bacteria and microorganisms, which create healthy stable conditions and keep pathogens at bay. Powerful pumps and nanobubble technology, maintain a constant water flow and high levels of oxygen, directing it through the wetlands, which purify the water like kidneys.

Lake Gkula honours the region’s traditional owners, the Jinibara people, naming it after one of their principal spokespersons, Uncle Noel Blair, a much-loved and influential figure in the Woodfordian community; Noel’s indigenous name is Gkula, which translated, means Koala.